Inside Virat Kohli's World: A Glimpse of His Million-Dollar Mansions and Car Collection

Virat Kohli, hailed as “King Kohli” in the world of cricket, is undeniably one of the modern era’s greatest players. As India’s cricket captain leading their quest for a domestic World Cup championship, he celebrates his 35th birthday on November 5.

With a staggering 262 million Instagram followers, Kohli enjoys a massive global fan base. He has earned legendary status in cricket, breaking records and amassing numerous trophies. Not only is he considered one of the world’s best batsmen, but he also boasts the highest run tally in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

(Virat Kohli’s World) Kohli’s cricketing prowess extends across formats, with over 13,500 runs in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and over 8,600 runs in Test matches. His 48 ODI centuries place him in close proximity to his idol, Sachin Tendulkar, who has an iconic 49 centuries to his name.

Turning to his financial success,(Virat Kohli’s World) Virat Kohli’s net worth is a staggering ₹1,000 crore, ranking him among the top 100 richest athletes globally. His income sources encompass cricket, social media endorsements, marketing partnerships, and business ventures.

In 2022, (Virat Kohli’s World) Kohli’s net worth reached $112 million, approximately Rs 927 crore, earning him the 61st spot on the list of the world’s highest-paid athletes, according to Sportskeeda. Forbes estimates his earnings at around Rs 279 crore, with endorsement deals alone fetching Rs 256 crore.

Kohli receives substantial income from various avenues. His BCCI A+ grade contract fetches him Rs 7 crore annually, and his IPL franchise, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), pays him an annual salary of Rs 15 crore. Furthermore, he earns Rs 15 lakh per Test match, Rs 6 lakh per ODI, and Rs 3 lakh per T20 match.

Beyond cricket, (Virat Kohli’s World) Virat Kohli has ventured into commercial endeavors. He owns a restaurant in Delhi and has invested in several startups, including Sports Convo, MPL, Blue Tribe, and Universal Sportsbiz. He is also a sought-after brand ambassador, commanding fees ranging from Rs 7.50 to Rs 10 crore for each endorsement deal.

Kohli’s influence extends to the realm of brand endorsements, where he has partnered with renowned brands such as Myntra, Puma, Audi, HSBC India, Manyavar, Himalaya, and many others.

When it comes to his opulent properties,(Virat Kohli’s World) Virat Kohli and his wife, Anushka Sharma, acquired a luxurious Alibaugh villa for 19 crores. Designed by Sussanne Khan, this 8-acre property boasts exquisite interiors, a spacious outdoor pool, and lavish decor. Additionally, Kohli owns lavish estates in Mumbai and Gurgaon. Recently, he transformed his home into a restaurant as part of his One8 Commune.

As for his car collection, King Kohli boasts an impressive fleet, including the Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Flying Spur, Audi R8 LMX Limited Edition, Audi R8 V10, and Audi A8L W12 Quattro, all worth crores. Kohli’s taste for luxury extends to his choice of automobiles.

Venturing deeper into Virat Kohli’s world unveils a realm of unparalleled success and opulence. This celebrated cricketer, affectionately known as “King Kohli,” stands as a symbol of excellence in the sporting universe.

With a colossal 262 million followers on Instagram, Kohli’s global appeal transcends boundaries. His impact in the cricketing arena is nothing short of legendary, with an impressive collection of trophies, record-breaking achievements, and a passionate fan base that spans the globe.

While he’s celebrated as one of the world’s finest batsmen, Kohli’s dominance extends beyond the cricket pitch. He reigns supreme in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with a remarkable tally of runs. His remarkable achievements in cricket include over 13,500 runs in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and more than 8,600 runs in Test matches.

In the financial arena,(Virat Kohli’s World) Virat Kohli’s net worth exceeds ₹1,000 crore, positioning him among the top 100 wealthiest athletes globally. His income streams comprise cricket, social media endorsements, lucrative marketing partnerships, and shrewd business investments.

Within his opulent lifestyle, Kohli’s properties stand as a testament to his affluence, including a lavish Alibaugh villa and other luxurious estates. His collection of high-end cars further epitomizes his penchant for luxury.

Delving deeper into Virat Kohli’s world offers a glimpse into the life of a cricketing icon who has redefined success and luxury. His journey from humble beginnings to sporting stardom, combined with his business acumen and global influence, paints a captivating picture of a true modern-day legend.

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