Policy for GAS(AdSense)

Welcome to www.5050shop.in. The following policy outlines the guidelines and rules, Policy for GAS (AdSense), for using Google AdSense on our Website. By getting to and utilizing our Site, you consent to agree with these arrangements, as well as Google AdSense Program Strategies, and Agreements.

Content Policies:

1.1 Illegal Content:

We rigorously restrict the presentation of any satisfied that is unlawful, advances criminal behavior, or encroaches on the legitimate freedoms of others.

1.2 Intellectual Property Abuse:

We do not allow content that infringes copyright or promotes the sale of counterfeit products.

1.3 Dangerous or Derogatory Content:

Content that incites hatred, promotes discrimination, harasses, intimidates, or bullies individuals or groups based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or some other trademark related with fundamental segregation or minimization is totally disallowed..

1.4 Animal Cruelty:

We do not allow content that promotes cruelty or gratuitous violence towards animals or the sale of products obtained from endangered or threatened species.

1.5 Misrepresentative Content:

Misleading representation of the publisher, content creator, or the purpose of the content is not allowed.

1.6 Unreliable and Harmful Claims:

We don’t permit content that makes obviously bogus cases, advances destructive wellbeing claims, or goes against legitimate logical agreement on environmental change.

1.7 Deceptive Practices:

Deceptive practices, such as enticing users under false pretenses, promoting false claims, or attempting to steal personal information, are strictly prohibited.

1.8 Manipulated Media:

Content that misdirects clients through controlled media connected with governmental issues, social issues, or matters of public concern isn’t permitted.

1.9 Enabling Dishonest Behavior:

Content that assists clients with deluding others, advances hacking, breaking, or unapproved admittance to gadgets, programming, servers, or sites is completely precluded.

1.10 Sexually Explicit Content:

We do not allow the display of explicit sexual content or non-consensual sexual themes.

1.11 Compensated Sexual Acts and Mail-Order Brides:

Content that promotes or facilitates sexual acts in exchange for compensation or marriage to a foreigner is not allowed.

1.12 Adult Themes in Family Content:

Content that contains grown-up topics, brutality, or unseemly portrayals of youngsters or famous kids’ characters introduced as reasonable for a family crowd is restricted.

1.13 Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation:

Content that physically exploits or misuses kids or advances their double-dealing or misuse is completely precluded and will be accounted for to the pertinent specialists.

Behavioral Policies:

2.1 Dishonest Declarations:

Information provided to Google advertising systems must be accurate, complete, and not deceptive or misleading.

2.2 Ads Interfering:

Google-served promotions should not impede content or client connections in a manner that upsets the client experience..

2.3 Inventory Value:

Google-served ads should be placed on pages with publisher-content and not on pages without or with low-value content.

2.4 Out of Context Ads:

Google-served ads must be contextually relevant and not appear outside the display or run on pages with replicated content without additional value.

Policy for GAS(AdSense)-Related Policies:

3.1 Privacy Disclosures:

Publishers must have a clear privacy policy that discloses data collection, sharing, and usage practices resulting from the use of Google AdSense on our Website.

3.2 Cookies and Identifying Users:

Publishers must comply with Google’s policies regarding the use of cookies and identifying users.

Requirements and Other Standards:

4.1 Spam Policies for Google Web Search:

You should not put Google-served promotions on pages that abuse Google’s Spam strategies for web search..

4.2 Abusive Experiences and Malware:

You must not place Google-served ads on screens containing abusive experiences or malicious software.

4.3 Better Ads Standards:

Google-served advertisements should adjust to the Better Promotions Principles.

4.4 Sanctions Compliance:

You must comply with all sanctions and export controls maintained by the United States Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other applicable trade sanctions and export compliance laws.

Kindly guarantee that your utilization of Google AdSense on our Site lines up with these strategies and that you follow Google’s Program Arrangements, Agreements, and any remaining relevant principles and rules. Inability to go along may bring about account suspension or end. We maintain whatever authority is needed to refresh these approaches whenever without earlier notification. It is your responsibility to review and comply with the latest version of this policy.

Assuming you have any different kinds of feedback with respect to these approaches or our utilization of Google AdSense on our Site, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us at marketing@5050shop.in

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