Mirpur Dhaka Witnessed a Grand Unveiling of Kieslect's Latest Smartwatches

The latest in wearable technology, the ‘Kieslect KR-2’ and ‘Kieslect KS-2’ smartwatches, made their grand entrance during a well-orchestrated launch event at a prominent restaurant in Mirpur, Dhaka, on the 1st of November, as revealed in an official press release. This remarkable duo of smartwatches is poised to revolutionize the tech market in Bangladesh, exclusively distributed and available for purchase through Motion View Limited, the brand’s trusted national distributor.

The launch ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of key figures, including Muhtady Hasan, the Country Manager of Kieslect Bangladesh, and Imrul Hasan, who holds the distinguished positions of Managing Director and CEO at Motion View Limited, alongside other high-ranking officials. Notably, the event also attracted the attention of prominent tech YouTubers, such as Ashikur Rahman Tushar from ATC, Sam from Samzone, Shohohag from Shohag 360, Babu from Ami Babu, and Waheduzzaman from Tech-To-The Point, who eagerly explored the innovative smartwatches.

Muhtady Hasan, the Country Manager, took the stage to provide an insightful overview of the features, specifications, and the unique aspects of the two models, setting the stage for the audience’s anticipation.

Kieslect KR-2: Earning its accolades with a design award, the Kieslect KR-2 stands out with its impressive 1.43-inch oval-shaped AMOLED display, boasting a remarkable 1000 NITS brightness and a pixel resolution of 466×466. Powering this sleek device is a highly efficient dual-core processor, with one core dedicated exclusively to handling calls, ensuring a seamless user experience. Notably, the KR-2 is 30 percent more power-efficient than its predecessor. It runs on an updated Kie OS, offering a plethora of customization features, including a diverse selection of over 200 watch faces. A distinctive feature of this smartwatch is its support for Bengali fonts. The KR-2 also caters to fitness enthusiasts with hundreds of sports modes and an impressive IP-68 water resistance rating. With a 360 mAh battery, it delivers a reliable 4-5 days of average usage and an impressive 15 days in standby mode. The addition of an advanced biometric sensor, a first in the brand’s lineup, enables convenient single-tap health monitoring, encompassing heart rate, blood oxygen (SPO2), and stress levels.

Kieslect KS-2: Designed for those with a penchant for larger displays, the Kieslect KS-2 showcases a substantial 2.01-inch square-shaped AMOLED screen, offering a pixel resolution of 401×502 and a dazzling 1000 NITS brightness. The KS-2 shares the same powerful dual-core processor as the KR-2 and delivers features such as BT calling, music control, sports tracking, and comprehensive health monitoring, consistent with its counterpart. The device is complemented by a stylish blue-black mixed magnetic strap, adding a touch of sophistication to its aesthetics.

Excitingly, the Kieslect KR-2 and KS-2 are set to be accessible across the nation through Motion View’s extensive distribution network, comprising 64 distributors spanning 64 districts, over 4000 retail outlets, branded showrooms, partner shops, and various online channels, ensuring that these cutting-edge smartwatches are within reach for tech enthusiasts and consumers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions: Grand Unveiling of Kieslect's Latest Smartwatches

Q1: When is the Grand Unveiling of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches? Grand Unveiling of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches

A1: The Grand Unveiling of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches is scheduled to take place on 2023.

Q2: Where will the event be held? Grand Unveiling of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches

 A2: The event will be held atBangladesh. Attendees can also join virtually through a live stream on our official website.

Q3: What time does the unveiling event start? Grand Unveiling of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches

 A3: The event is set to commence at 9am. We recommend arriving a bit earlier to ensure you don’t miss any exciting moments.

Q4: Can I attend the unveiling event in person? Grand Unveiling of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches

 A4: Yes, you can attend the event in person by securing an invitation. Please check our official website or contact our customer support for details on how to obtain an invitation.

Q5: How can I join the event virtually? Grand Unveiling of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches

 A5: If you prefer to join the event virtually, you can watch the live stream on our official website. The live stream link will be made available on the homepage on the day of the event.

Q6: Will there be a demonstration of the new smartwatches at the event? Grand Unveiling of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches

 A6: Yes, there will be live demonstrations showcasing the features and capabilities of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches. Attendees, both in person and virtually, will have the opportunity to see the smartwatches in action.

Q7: Can I pre-order the new smartwatches at the unveiling event?

A7: Yes, we will be opening pre-orders for Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches during and after the unveiling event. Details on how to pre-order will be provided during the event.

Q8: What features can we expect from Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches?

A8: Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches come with a range of innovative features, including all new  During the unveiling, our experts will provide in-depth information on each feature, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what the smartwatches offer.

Q9: Will there be any exclusive promotions or discounts for attendees?

A9: Yes, attendees, both in person and virtually, may have access to exclusive promotions and discounts. Details on these special offers will be revealed during the unveiling event.

Q10: How can I stay updated on the latest information about the smartwatches?

A10: To stay informed about the latest updates on Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches, follow our official social media channels and regularly check our website. We will also send out newsletters to subscribers with important announcements and details.

We look forward to sharing the excitement of Kieslect’s Latest Smartwatches with you during our Grand Unveiling event. Whether you join us in person or virtually, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience!

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