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Cover for iPad Air 10.9” (5th/4th Gen) & for iPad Pro 11” (3rd/2nd/1st Gen) with Rotating Stand & Handle, Shoulder Strap, Pencil Holder” in Navy Blue is a versatile and feature-packed accessory designed to meet the needs of iPad Air and iPad Pro users. This multi-functional cover offers a blend of protection, convenience, and style.

First and foremost, this cover provides robust protection for your iPad. Cover for iPad Air It guards your tablet against everyday hazards such as scratches, impacts, and accidental drops. The Navy Blue color adds a touch of elegance while ensuring your device remains safe and secure.

The rotating stand is a standout feature, offering multiple viewing angles. Whether you’re watching videos, typing, or conducting video calls, this feature allows you to adjust your iPad’s position for optimal comfort and usability.

The integrated handle provides a secure grip, making it easier to carry your iPad around. This is particularly useful for users on the go, whether it’s in a classroom, office, or while traveling.

A shoulder strap adds another layer of convenience, allowing you to carry your iPad hands-free. It’s a great addition for those who need to have their hands available while using their tablet.

The dedicated pencil holder ensures that your Apple Pencil or stylus is always within reach. This feature is perfect for note-taking, drawing, or other creative tasks.

In summary, the “Cover for iPad Air 10.9” (5th/4th Gen) & for iPad Pro 11” (3rd/2nd/1st Gen)” in Navy Blue is a versatile and functional accessory that combines protection, convenience, and style. It caters to the needs of iPad users who want a comprehensive solution for their device.


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Cover for iPad Air 10.9'' (5th/4th Gen)Cover for iPad Air
Original price was: ₹2,499.00.Current price is: ₹1,419.00.

Save 1,080.00 (43%)

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