iPhone 12 Pro Back Cover

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The iPhone 12 Pro Back Cover is a simple yet essential accessory designed to safeguard and enhance the aesthetics of this high-end Apple device. This back cover is specifically tailored to fit the iPhone 12 Pro, providing a snug and precise fit for your smartphone.

Protection is the primary function of this cover. It acts as a barrier against scratches, minor bumps, and general wear and tear, ensuring that your iPhone 12 Pro remains free from unsightly damage. The cover helps maintain the pristine appearance of your device, preserving its sleek design.

The precise cutouts for ports, buttons, and the camera allow you to access all of your iPhone’s features without removing the cover. The slim and lightweight design ensures that the cover adds minimal bulk, making it easy to carry your iPhone with you on the go.

Moreover, the iPhone 12 Pro back cover is often designed to be stylish and sleek, complementing the iPhone’s original design. It’s available in a variety of colors and materials, allowing you to personalize your device and match your style.

In conclusion, the iPhone 12 Pro back cover is a practical and stylish accessory that provides protection while enhancing the appearance of your smartphone. It’s an excellent choice for iPhone 12 Pro owners who want to maintain the premium look of their device while ensuring it stays free from everyday wear and tear.

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iPhone 12 Pro Back CoveriPhone 12 Pro Back Cover
Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹399.00.

Save 600.00 (60%)

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